Email from a Pedophile

Subject: "Not All Pedophiles Are Bad People". Thank You.
From: "John Doe"
Date: Thu, April 5, 2012 3:01 am

Hi, I hope you're still editing your website. I'm contacting you in regards to your views on pedophiles as you have stated in 'Not All Pedophiles Are Bad People'. Firstly I would like to whole heartedly thank you for getting nearly everything right and for posting this on the internet for everybody to see.

I'll get straight down to the point. I am a pedophile. Do I choose to be a pedophile? No! If I had a choice I would be a normal heterosexual male like yourself. The day technology or medical science allows us to choose our sexual preferences is the day I stop being a pedophile. Would I ever hurt a child? NO! I will never hurt or do anything that would harm any child, mentally or physically. I would never do anything to a child indirectly like some adult males would sniff adult females underware. Am I sexually attracted to the immature mind of a child? No.

I am attracted to mature women. Which brings me to what I wrote earlier that you nearly got everything right. I was watching an episode of a crime drama where a man committed statutory rape and the underage girl who had grown up and was defending the pedophile. Then the investigator said something the really irks me. "He doesn't like you anymore. Pedophiles are only attracted to prepubescent children". This was an intelligent crime drama but the story followed this line like it was the word of god. So I bring you back you the definition of pedophile as you have stated:

pedophile: (noun) 1. An adult who is sexually attracted to children.

Nowhere in that does it say "An adult who is 'only' sexually attracted to children". I am a very sexually satified individual and I do not rape children nor do I ever intend to. Society at large think that simply being a pedophile means that you are a danger to their children because they think that only children can sexually satify you. I think that everyone knows how hard it is to put off sex so they assume all pedophiles put off sex untile they sexually molest a child.

Pedophelia is a sexual preference like a foot fettish. Just because some guys like feet, that doesn't mean that they will not be attracted to breasts or a vagina. I kind of over made my point but your statement that I "go through life without ever being sexually satisfied" really irked me. I don't think that anyone believes that a man can last an entire lifetime without giving in to his sexual desires at least once. I have given in to my sexual desires and that was with a healthy adult female.

Also, I am not sexually attracted to every child just because I'm a pedophile. I am not attracted to the male gender at all. This is mean to say but if a fat or ugly little girl walked past me I would not be attracted to her in the least. Where a womans looks lets her down she needs to make up for it with her personality. Children have only started to develope their personality and I am not the least bit attracted to their immaturity. Adult women know how to move their bodies in an erotic sexual way that attracts me when they do. Whereas childs movements are clumsy which is not erotic or attractive at all.

Some irresponsible parents dress their daughters in tight pants or bikinis which I can't help but be attracted to. If a beautiful little girl appears to give a banana fellatio then my body reacts and I have to quickly distract myself. The curse of pedophelia is something many men and women have to live with and being apart of that community I can promise you that there are a great many more ethical pedophiles in this world than those who sexually molest children.

So again, thank you for clearing up many misconceptions about pedophiles and I hope you will consider editing your article.
You have my permission to use this e-mail and what I have written in it in anyway you choose.

   yours sincerely    D.

 P.S. I created this e-mail account specifically to send you this e-mail. I will not log into this e-mail account ever again so please do not reply.

My response:  You're welcome. Thank you for your thorough email and for correcting my error.

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