Top 10 Most Murderous Dictators

        Dictator         Deaths Caused

 1) Joseph Stalin    43,000,000
  2) Mao Zedong       38,000,000+
 3) Adolf Hitler     21,000,000
 4) Khubilai Khan    19,000,000
  5) Hideki Tojo      10,000,000+
 6) Chiang Kai-shek  10,000,000
 7) Leopold II       10,000,000
 8) Genghis Khan      4,000,000
 9) Vladimir Lenin    4,000,000
10) Pol Pot           3,000,000
     Total           162,000,000

At this point, many religious folks like to point out that the top two were atheists, which obviously means that atheism is evil, corrupt, immoral, and leads to atrocities.  That's like saying the top two didn't believe in Santa Claus and this is solid proof that denying the existence of Santa turns people into heartless monsters who kill millions of their own fellow citizens. What other things did the top two have in common?  You know what, I bet they didn't believe that the moon was made of cheese.  Clearly, the denial of a cheese-moon is a dangerous, evil, corrupt, immoral belief system that leads to atrocities!  I guess we better start teaching kids that the moon is actually a giant sphere of provolone and mozzarella, lest they grow up to become murderous dictators.