Jesus & His So-Called "Sacrifice"

For the sake of argument, I will assume that the Bible's account of Jesus is correct.

Christians love to talk about Jesus and how he died on the cross for our sins.  He supposedly made the ultimate sacrifice... he gave his life. But is it really a sacrifice when you consider that Jesus was only dead for three days?  How is that a sacrifice?  Jesus didn't give his life, he gave only three days of his life in exchange for eternal bliss in Paradise as King of Kings.  He could have easily had the following thoughts before he chose to die on the cross:  "
So let me get this right, I'm going to be dead for just three days, after which I'll be resurrected and sent to Heaven, where I'll spend eternity in Paradise and be loved and worshiped by millions of people?  Um okay... I'll do it."  Heck, who wouldn't sign up for that?  

It's very misleading to say that Jesus gave his life or that he died for our sins because when humans think of death, we think of the permanent and irreversible termination of life. That is not what Jesus volunteered for.  He only volunteered to be dead for three days. That makes a huge difference regarding what he actually sacrificed.

Imagine you are twenty years old and someone asks you "Would you be willing to sit in a solitary prison cell for the rest of your life in exchange for ten million dollars?"  Obviously you would refuse.   Now imagine they say "Actually, your confinement will last only three days, after which you'll be released and paid."  Suddenly the offer seems a lot more appealing.

This is exactly the case with the so-called "sacrifice" of Jesus.   People believe that sacrificing your life for something is a serious, significant thing.  The only reason people believe this is because death is understood to be permanent.  If death were easily reversible,  it would cease to be a big deal.  Death would be seen as a trivial nuisance, and giving your life for some cause wouldn't be a sacrifice at all since you would get your life back in just a few days.

To sum up: it's not much of a sacrifice to give your life for something when you know in advance that you'll get your life back in just three days along with the very generous reward of eternity in Paradise.