Trial by Jury

Forcing random people to be jurors is like forcing random people to design a nuclear reactor or play a violin concerto. The idea is so assinine and absurd, I hardly have words to describe it. Today's jurors typically have no training nor experience in jurisprudence, criminal justice, determining the credibility of a witness, weighing evidence and testimony, or using reason and logic to judge the facts of a case.  They are the last people I'd want judging my case if I were ever on trial for anything.  Furthermore, jurors don't even want to be there. They're present only because of a scary-looking court summons they got in the mail which threatens to have them arrested if they fail to show up.  So essentially, jury duty asks unqualified, untrained, uninterested people to do something they don't want to do.  And these are the people who have the final say in whether another person lives or dies or spends the rest of his life in prison.  How can this possibly be part of a good justice system?

Some jurors decide a person's guilt before they even hear one word from the defense or prosecution.  They mentally label the suspect not guilty merely because he's "cute".  Others vote guilty because they don't like the suspect's face or race.  This is the consequence of hiring random people to do the job of professionals.

The Ideal Jury System

Ideally, jurors will never see the accused.  Having the jurors see the suspect can only bias them one way or another. Only evidence should be used to determine guilt.  Not the suspect's face, or clothing, or posture,  or charisma, or any other irrelevant nonsense that defense attorneys currently use to sway juries. 

More importantly, being a juror should be a job held only by people who've passed a battery of tests that show they're open-minded, rational, unbiased, and focused on the evidence. They should demonstrate that they are not swayed by irrelevant nonsense like an attorney's courtroom theatrics.

To prevent jury tampering, there should be a pool of potential jurors.  For a given case, jurors should be selected randomly via lottery.  The names of the selected jurors should be kept secret, so that no friends of the accused may bribe or intimidate them.