Marijuana Legalization Sociopathy

In my experience, advocates of recreational marijuana usually want it legalized for sociopathic reasons. I say this because their arguments often go something like this: "Legalizing marijuana is a good idea because it will generate lots of tax revenue for the State. Also, it will reduce government spending on incarcerating drug offenders, thus saving billions of tax dollars. Marijuana should definitely be legalized and taxed not only to save tax dollars, but also to earn tax dollars for the State. I say we regulate and tax marijuana. Marijuana should definitely be taxed.  Also, the State should tax marijuana."

Marijuana advocates are the only people who constantly demand to be taxed. I don't understand why they have this lust for self-taxation. They're obsessed with it.  One can hardly read a pro-legalization article without hearing about how much revenue the government will collect via taxation.  Hey here's a thought: How about we legalize marijuana and not tax it? Prostitution advocates don't demand to be taxed. Gun advocates don't demand to be taxed. Abortion advocates don't demand to be taxed.  Gay marriage advocates don't demand to be taxed. Yet pro-marijuana people almost always do. I find this self-tax obsession puzzling.

Saying that marijuana should be legalized because it will generate tax revenue for the State is like saying "Jews shouldn't be gassed and incinerated by the millions because it is more profitable to use those ovens to make pizza." Oh really? Is that why people shouldn't be systematically butchered and shoved into ovens?  Because it's more profitable to do otherwise?   Or how about this: "Little girls should not be fed to alligators because alligators do better on a diet of beef and chicken." To offer that as a serious argument for why children should not be ripped apart by wild animals is sociopathic. It completely shoves aside the most basic principle of morality: concern for the welfare of fellow human beings.

In my opinion, the primary reason recreational marijuana should be legalized is to stop the government from destroying the lives and families of non-violent drug offenders. Any reasons for legalization that have to do with tax revenue are sociopathic and trivial by comparison.

Thousands of non-violent people who have hurt no one are currently rotting in prison cages. Their so-called "crime"? Intent to sell or distribute a plant that induces relaxation, pain relief, and mild euphoria. How can this possibly be a punishable crime in a civilized society?  If consuming marijuana is harmful and/or dangerous, that risk is for the consumer to weigh and deal with, not the government. Skydiving is dangerous, rock-climbing without ropes is dangerous, scuba diving is dangerous. Why is the government not banning those things to protect the public?  Buying or selling marijuana in quantity will likely get you years of prison time. 
Why is a person thrown in prison merely for engaging in a voluntary, peaceful business transaction with another adult?   It's not like he's selling explosive vests, anthrax, or something else designed to cause malicious harm or death.

When someone is thrown in prison, not only is his liberty taken away but he's housed with the worst people of society. A peaceful, honest, non-violent individual essentially has his life ruined by incarceration. He is ripped away from his family and housed with rapists, gang-members, violent felons, and murderers.  His children become fatherless and his significant other is suddenly alone. Furthermore, he can't work to pay his bills, and if he can't pay his bills, his finances are ruined and his house gets taken away. The financial and emotional health of the entire family is ruined and permanently damaged. And for what? For the "crime" of wanting to feel good by getting high.  The insanity of marijuana prohibition is appalling.

Cartel and street dealer drug violence associated with marijuana's black market has left a mountain of corpses in its wake. Drug prohibition in general is the modern-day version of witch hunts and slavery. If I could have my way, I would legalize all recreational drugs and let all non-violent drug offenders out of prison. Defund the DEA and use that money to fund rehab clinics to help people hooked on things like heroin, cocaine, and meth.