Supernatural Phenomena

The term "supernatural" has no meaning to me.  People who believe in the supernatural claim that there exists a realm or world above or outside of nature.  I would very much like to know how they know such a realm exists.  

Since faith or an error in reasoning is required to believe in the supernatural, and since I strive to be as rational as possible, it logically follows that I don't believe in anything supernatural.  This includes Heaven, Hell, miracles, life after death, souls, spirits, angels, demons, the Devil / Satan / Lucifer, witchcraft, evil spells & curses, Voodoo, psychic powers, ghosts, telepathy, homeopathy, communing with the dead, astrology, numerology, tarot, reincarnation, Feng Shui, dowsing, bio-energy fields, chakras, auras, Chi energy, crystal power, magnetic healing, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, remote viewing, astral projection, etc.

I would like to be proven wrong in my skepticism and I always look forward to any demonstration of the supernatural.

Without evidence, supernatural experiences are indistinguishable from hallucinations and dreaming. Suppose I tell you "I recently had a psychic experience with tiny magical elves that live on my shoulder." Was I dreaming when I had my so-called experience? Was I hallucinating? Did I have an actual psychic experience? There is no way to tell without evidence. There is plenty of evidence that people dream and hallucinate, but there is no scientific evidence that supernatural phenomena occur or have ever occurred. If such phenomena are real, why are they so elusive and unpredictable and unverifiable? 
Why are astrology, numerology, and psychic-ology not offered as majors at accredited universities?  Is there a huge global conspiracy in academia against them?


The following is an excerpt from an email exchange I had with a believer in astrology. 

> astrology, which is essentially mathematical calculations
> of the solar system placements in the sky

What you've just described, in part, is planetary astronomy.  It's a legitimate science that describes and predicts the positions and interactions of celestial bodies in our solar system. Astrology, however, goes a critical step further and claims that those celestial bodies have an effect on human affairs on Earth. What evidence is there to support that claim?  It's like studying chimps in Africa and claiming that their behavior affects volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. There is no rational reason to link the two.

You may have noticed that no accredited university offers academic classes in astrology. By "academic" I mean classes that count towards an academic degree such as a Bachelor's or Master's.  Is there a global conspiracy against all psychics and astrologers? Is there a huge cover-up? I doubt it. Please name one science professor at any accredited university who accepts astrology as valid.

And finally, just because volumes of literature have been written on a subject does not mean that the subject has credibility. Volumes of literature have been written on Catholicism, Islam, ghosts, the greatness of communism, etc. but that doesn't add one iota of credence to the validity of those subjects.  What does add credence is evidence. 

> Perhaps you weren't aware that astrology is a science

You've just contradicted yourself. First you imply that astrology has not been proven by science by asking "is it wise to dismiss something just because it has not been proven with science?" Now you say astrology is a science. How can a science not be proven with science?

The dictionary definition of "science" is "The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena." Astrologers do not experimentally investigate anything. They merely go by ancient charts and tables that were drawn up by people who hadn't the foggiest idea of what science is. The scientific method didn't exist when astrology was born, so when people saw something they didn't understand, they just made up an explanation. They literally just made it up. A man gets killed in an unfortunate accident and two people remember that on that morning a black cat crossed the man's path. To a superstitious mind, correlation is causation so obviously the black cat caused the man to die. Never mind that the black cat crossed twenty other people's paths that day and most of them went on to live long, normal lives. That part doesn't get remembered. What gets remembered are the interesting, unusual bits.

And lastly, it has been shown numerous times that astrological predictions are no better than random guessing. You can even prove this to yourself by conducting a double-blind test.  Remove the dates from a horoscope and try to find your own.  You will succeed only 1 in 12 times.